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Connecting with Light

Interested in Light Work?

Want to take those next steps and move to a whole new level in your abilities and development?

Three, one day special workshops for spiritual growth and study.

Next workshops as requested by students.
More info on "Courses" and "Testimonials" pages or call Bryan on Leeds (0113) 2667229 for further details.

These courses are for those wishing to develop and grow in their spiritual knowledge, ability and experience. Special meditations open up new out of the body chakras as well as develop and enhance the existing and other chakras within the body. Through these three workshops, we build the Antahkarana, the bridge to the soul and so develop and grow in our skills as healers and light workers and also in our ability to channel or connect with other beings of light in the form of our guides. We reach expanded states of consciousness, deepening our appreciation and experience of who we are as spiritual and multi dimensional beings and in working with energy, consciousness and light.

The first workshop focuses on developing the emotional body to help us to become more energetically fluid and transparent to the emotional aspects of our lives. We also begin the process of aligning with the soul, developing the chakra system within the body and also developing our psychic abilities using special techniques and initiations taught in ancient mystery schools.

Being in a physical body, we may eventually become aware of a sense that we are disconnected from something. Separated from something. Separated from a deeper aspect of ourselves. This separated part of us, which feels sometimes so alone, is only a part of who we are and there comes a time when we feel an inner call, perhaps from a sense of a higher self, to reconnect to our truer nature which is peaceful, loving and at home in the universe. This is when we become spiritually aware and as an ever evolving species, many, many people are now responding to this higher self, this spiritual awareness which is calling to them. We may hear, sense or feel this inner call of our spirit but we are unsure as to how to respond.

All around us today are Radio and TV broadcasts. Radio and TV channels which, with the right equipment, bring colour pictures and sound into our homes. With a TV set or a Radio and a good aerial, we connect to and access this information constantly broadcast around us. No one asks for proof that these signals are around us, yet without the suitable Radio or TV set and aerial we cannot demonstrate that these signals are there. Even if we did show evidence, the sceptical mind could dream up many ways to deny this reality and the existence of Radio and TV waves.

In a way, we too are TV’s and Radio’s plugged into the mains supply and switched on (our physical body and separated sense of self) but are without a proper aerial to collect the signals around us so we receive only static and noise or at best distorted pictures, poor sound and information lacking clarity, meaning and definition. This is the “reality” of our separated selves. Our interpretation of the world which we receive from this distorted sound and picture is diverse, confusing and conflicting leading to war, famine, and the preservation of the separated self irrespective of the cost to the planet and to our fellow human beings.

By reconnecting to our spiritual dimension we suddenly gain clarity, insight and information which gives us access to the bigger picture of our lives. We gain evidence of the higher dimensions through personal experience and we see that we are not separated from the Universe and each other.

The Universe, our home, is intelligent and is continually broadcasting to us. All around us is a wisdom, guidance and benevolence which we might call Angels, Guides, Masters, Light, Healing, Consciousness or Spirit depending on which frequencies we “tune” into.

In these workshops we will learn to access those Guides and Intelligences most closely suited to our growth as healers and spiritual beings. We will learn to open a channel and re-connect to that part of us which is never alone in the Universe and is now calling to us. If you are sensing or hearing this call and wish to respond, this is the workshop for you.

For those attending there will be opportunity to establish or strengthen the guide connection and/or seek higher guides. The Connecting with light Workshops will help to ground us more fully in the present, help us to differentiate what is generated by lower mind (separated ego experience) from that which comes from the higher mind (this being a more subtle experience prone to interference from the noisier lower mind), connect with healing intelligences and beings of light who are waiting to contact us and also establish a stronger connection to the Higher self and the soul.

There will be exercises to clear the mind and "tune in" to transmissions and there are a group of beings called "The Silent Ones" also know as "The Essenes" who will assist us. They recently silently announced their presence to me during a meditation. Some time afterwards I felt compelled to Google on them. Here is the result...Very interesting reading..especially about the esoteric life of Christ...


Meditations as MP3 files and course notes provided.

Please ring me on 0113 2667229 or e-mail to request a syllabus or to discuss any questions about your taking part in the workshops.

Please note that Bryan reserves the right to decline applicant's acceptance to the workshops.

These classes are also excellent preparation for the Awakening your light Body courses which Bryan is now teaching. Show all news